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Google is Ending Unlimited Free High Quality Storage on Google Photos


One of the great features that Google includes in Google Photos is definitely unlimited storage for all photos taken under the “high quality” setting. It could be the random service for those who take tons of pictures from device to device and do not want to pay to be able to store them. Well, people, I have bad news – Google ends unlimited free Google Photos storage.

In a policy posted today, Google said that on June 1, 2021, new photos you take and upload both in “high quality” and “quality Express” will count towards your Google Account storage. For most people, this means that your new photo uploads will count against the free 15GB Google gives you to use in all services, including Gmail.

Since it is news that no one will appreciate, you probably want to know what happens next June if you hit your account storage limit. As expected, you will not be able to upload longer. And we’re not just talking here Photos – you also will not be able to download new files in the drive, as well as send and receive Gmail could be affected.

So what is the solution? If you hit your limit in June of next year or later, you must delete an old bunch of data or registration for a Google One storage account that adds more. If you do not, Google may delete your data back to you in your 15 GB of free space. They give you sufficient warning about whether it could happen (at least 3 months before), allow you to download data or subscribe to a new plan.

Google also plans to update the Google Photos app with a new management tool that will estimate the amount of storage you have and for how many years it should remain in the “free” zone before may need switch to a paid plan. It offers suggestions on memories or photos, you can probably delete.



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