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Apple iPad Air (2020) Review – Marvel in the Middle

I use the new iPad Air (2020) in recent weeks, throwing everything in writing and e-mail the media publishing to tablet range Apple environment, and I struggle to understand why most people should intensify the iPad Pro. The middle ground between entry level iPad and Pro series of Apple has always been a sensitive issue, but that last nudge air so close that 90 percent of users are likely to need he made a SPECIES as the go-tablet Apple right now.

iPad is not quite the generic term for tablets yet, but at this stage it is difficult to argue that Apple’s game is not the main town. He capitalized on this a complete range covering input the iPad range from $ 329, through the largest iPad Pro 12.9 thousand dollars or more.

Somewhere in between is the 4th generation iPad Air. He begins to $ 599 for the WiFi model 6 only with 64GB of storage; there is a 256GB version for $ 749, while 4G LTE integrated cell is an additional $ 130.

This time, the iPad Air looks like his siblings more expensive than the entry model range. Its sharp edges and flat sides have family echoes 12 iPhone too, and like smartphones, it feels cheap and premium in your hands. With the normal silver, gray, pink and gold finishes, there are now green and a beautiful sky blue. A 2nd generation magic pencil can hang – and charging – on the side, like the iPad Pro, and there is a USB-C port for charging, not lightning.

In a way, I wish the iPad and iPhone Pro 12 copied from the new iPad Air. Not least of these is the power button, which now includes a touch ID fingerprint sensor. It is fast and easy to use, and a reminder that, at least, trying to use ID face while wearing a mask is persistent discomfort.

The choice of Apple’s display resolution is slightly smaller and slightly less than the iPad 11-inch Pro, but since the 10.9 inch panel clocks Air iPad in 2360 x 1640 both hit 264 density ppi pixels. It is a fine screen with a wide support P3 color and both an antireflective coating and resistant to fingerprints, but glare and stains not always meet. Peak brightness is slightly lower compared to the iPad Pro, 500 nits against 600 nits, but this was a problem in my day to day use.

Running everything chipset Apple Bionic A14, the same as the iPhone family characteristics 12, and a cousin to the new M1 that will power the first Apple Mac Silicon. Here, it has six processor cores and four GPU cores: by contrast, the latest iPad Pro models use A12Z more, so that the individual cores are a bit slower, but the chipset has more of them with each eight .

iPad Air 4th Generation Verdict

What stands out on the iPad Air is 2020 and is well rounded. Yes, there are still people for whom the iPad Pro will be a better fit – those whose essential applications greatly benefit from ProMotion, for example, or a larger screen, or want more storage and are willing to pay handsomely for it – but I suspect that the new iPad tablet stop Air upgraditis void for most people.

Therefore, although it may be $ 100 more than the old Air, the new 4th generation iPad Air feels like it offers the best of worlds. Affordable, powerful, beautifully designed and built, and more and more able to do things that would once have almost certainly required a notebook “full” to achieve. While this is not the device for you, as a teaser of what Apple will do for Silicon Mac, you should be excited.



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